DDS674 DMX/RDM Driver

DDS674 DMX/RDM Driver


DDS674 4 channel costant current can supply up to 14 led in series @48vdc 600mA. This module can work in several mode DMX/RDM and stand alone.

The DMX/RDM polarity is self corrected by the board also if wrong connection.

The current output can be programmed by RDM from 200mA up to 600mA and it is also possible monitoring led connection or led malfunction thru RDM.

The  current mode is hysteretic  to guarantee the best light dimmering perfomance also at 16Bit control.

Control Frequency PWM can be varied from default 240Hz  up to 1,2Khz. this is for  flikker free feature.

All output are positive common.

The power supply is applied to connectors a fuse is provided for overvoltage protection.

Voltage dropout is 3v, the maximum voltage regulation is Vsupply - 3V, this must be considered for maximum led per channel calculation.

A thermal protection on board is provided, in case of temperature rising at 80 degree ambient start to decrease current to LED.The max temperature peak is recorded and can be read by RDM, same for number of worked hour of the product.


Technical Specifications :

Power supply:24-48Vdc

Power consumption 110W max

Current per channel max 600mA

Current programmable by RDM

Led Failure RDM monitored

DMX standard USITT512

DMX optoinsulated self-polarized

RDM 2.0 Compliant self-polarized

Short Circuit output Protection

Common led positive 

Hysteretic Frequency 250Khz

Control Frequency 240-1250 HZ

Hysteretic Constant Current 

4 channels output or 3channels

Output drop out voltage max 3V

Output Voltage = Vsupply-3v

Output Current Ripple 90mA RMS

Max 14 led per channel @48vdc 


Spring connector for power supply 

and led or AMP mod2 connector on 



operating temperature: -10° to 


Thermal protection on Board > 85C

Storage temperature: Tst -20° to 


Case temperature: Tc +65°

Relative humidity: RH 80% 

SIZE: 32x140x18mm

Weight: 40gr

Box 10 pcs minimum