OverledBUSdriver system, is the receiving part of the data sent t h r o u g h t h e s y s t e m OverledBUSpilot, and is based on 3 modules can be integrated in
electronic LED lamps, these modules they care with receiving the DMX overledBUS through the system, then convert it to DMX , and in order to control the LEDs connected to constant current. Each module is designed to fit
together mechanically with the other, in order to simplify the wiring at best, these are round in shape in order to enter the cylindrical body lamps, and consequently in the bodies of the square type. The high integration of electronic cards allows for the smallest size possible, with maximum efficiency.
Appropriate additional filter coils are placed outside in case you do not exceed a power of 40w LED Driver card supports. The cards once installed need 2 cables to connect to the bus OverledBUS NOT polarized, and using special pins or connectors can be connected directly to the LED lamp as the last stage is a DC constant current for LED.