OverledBUSpilot it’s a data over power system,the DMX signal or ART NET signal it is converted and transmitted over power. The power supply of this system can be 12VDC or 24VDC, the data trasmission over power is made on twisted wire cat 5, with correct section depending on the total power required from the fixture connected.The maximum number of the fixture are 32, the maximum DMX channel per fixture are 8, the maximum power possible is 500W, and 100mt cable.OverledBUSpilot it is also a DMX recorder and ART NET node for one Universe (512 DMX channel). OverledBUSpilot it is the MASTER of the entire system, where the data are transimitted in time slot, error free, if a data packet isn’t received correctelely from the slave module (driver or node), this will be sent again in 20-35mSec. OverledBUSpilot, it is a poprietary Overled bus and send also DMX out on the connectorin the front panel, the available channels are from 256-up to 512. The OverledBUS system require Master (OverledBUSpilot) and Slave OverledBUSdriver or node, those board can drive LED or STRIP led with power top. The OverledBUSdriver can be integrated with the lamp, the OverledBUSnode it is native in a box, for external applications, with screw driver connectors for the Harness.