ECCO ReadySteadyGo device can be defined and classified as the” lingua franca “ (universal-transla- tor) for all users of USB/DMX/RDM protocols. ReadySteadyGo is totally compatible with stan- dard E1.20 RDM & DMX USITT 1990. ReadyStea- dyGo is opto isolated and can be powered directly from any PC USB port (Mac too).This device is totally free-electric interferences between DMX & PC. Should the device, inadvertently, be disconnec- ted and immediately reconnected, the software will instantly reinstate connections.The hardware of the ColoursReadySteadyGo is robust and ergo- nomically designed to be handled without any fear of breaking if incidentally dropped. ColoursReady- SteadyGo has been designed to facilitate RDM bi- directional communications using the 2-core DMX protocol. ColoursReadySteadyGo integrates the discovery RDM protocol that identifies all fixtu- res connected with DMX protocol.The Colours- ReadySteadyGo is also the perfect interface DMX pass-thorugh gear compatible with the majority of all existing world’s software


Power supply: from PC 200mA
DMX USITT compliance
RDM e1.20 Compliance
DMX optoinsulation :
2500VRMS Bus Isolation Using On-Chip High-Voltage Capacitors
+4.5V to +5.5V Power-Supply Voltage Range
±15kV ESD Protection
Hot-Swap-Protected Driver-Enable Input
Undervoltage Lockout
Isolation-Barrier Fault Detection
Short-Circuit Protected
Thermal Shutdown
Open-Line and Shorted-Line Fail-Safe Receiver