About Us

Overled is a DDS Elettronica brand name dedicated to led solution!  DDS Elettronica was founded in 1992 it has been designing and making specialised electronic equipment in every field where custom built electronics find application. DDS Elettronica starts by consulting with the customer to define an initial specification, benefiting from their many years experience.

Then follows a step by step process taking the initial specification through design, production of photo stencils, production of printed circuit boards, assembly by SMD machinery, EMC compliance testing and final approval before starting production in either high or low volumes.

Overled is dedicated to all LEDS application , producing many different board as switching power supply , DMX led controller, DMX generator , heat sink with pcb for high power led cooling, leds assembling by special machinery.

Overled can develop custom solutions as switching power supply or led controller.

Overled feels confident that it can provide you with innovative solutions to your LED lighting electronics problems taking advantage of the very latest leading edge technology.